SCADA Hawk – Integrated Anti-Tamper Technology for SCADA Systems

This research consists of technologies in program instrumentation, knowledge modeling, pattern recognition, and embedded system design for the purposes of protecting SCADA systems.  It is based on learning normal behavior patterns of SCADA systems and monitoring for anomalies based on the learned patterns.


OntoModeler – User-Guided Ontology Construction System

OntoModeler incorporates NLP techniques and grammatical relation ranking for constructing ontologies from unstructured text sources.  Users guide the ontology construction process in a semi-automated incremental fashion based on building term extraction patterns from the selection of a semantically ranked list of subject-predicate-object sequences.


CyCast – Cyber Forecast System

The CyCast project’s objective is to identify the potential for future cyber-attacks based on past attacks that are motivated by social, political, economic, and cultural disturbances.  This research includes such areas as natural language processing, knowledge modeling, and social network analysis.